Star Wars game remake

Remember the old Star Wars game – ported to amongst many platforms the Amiga 500? The game was pretty basic. You controlled an X-wing and your mission was to destroy the Death Star. I used to play this game on the Amiga 500, but remember also playing it on a shitty stand-up arcade at a travelling Carnival in my home town. The game dates back from 1983 and the graphics were vector based, meaning everything was transparent and only showed the outline of the different vessels. Well that was a hardware limitation of the time and the game was still an enjoyable experience and I used to play it a lot on my amiga. Recently (2006) somebody decided to remake the game and upgrade the looks of it -so instead of everything being vector based and transparent, all the ships and the Death Star are now fully-fledged forms with textures.

The game was entered in the 2006 retro remakes contest, and I heard of via the hilarious (of which I highly recommend you check out)

So click the link and see (for novelty value) how a textured Death Star looks. (Pretty shitty in my opinion)

Star Wars 2006 remake link

Star Wars remake

Old Star Wars

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