Custom Ipod shuffle

I listen to many different pod casts, but dragging around my creative web zen, was beginning to be to much of a bother. The player has some weird issues with long pod casts, where I couldn't fast-forward the 'cast without it jumping back to the beginning. The other really irritating aspect is the software bundled with the creative. It sucks! 'Nuff said.

I switched to Itunes and even though the memory-print is far to much I now use it exclusively for all my pod casts. I wouldn't dream of letting the program near my music collection, that task is handled by foobar2000

I've had my eye on the Ipod Shuffle 1 gb version for a while. I hate apple, or let me rephrase I hate the fanboyism linked with apple. I do not like people whose answer to the question: "Why did you choose an apple product?", answer with: "It looks good"

You choose your product based on a need, If that need is met by an apple product, go right ahead and grab it - that's fine by me. That brings me to my recent purchase. An Ipod shuffle 1gb to be used exclusively with pod casts. After ordering it from apple's site I had the option of customizing the thing, so I jumped at the opportunity. Here's the result:

PS: I wasn't allowed to type "Fuck Apple" that was my first choice.

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René said...

Haha. Great paradox.