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I listen to about 10 different podcasts and find it's a great substitute for the average shit they are likely to play on the radio. Insted I'm in a position where i can listen to what really interests me, and that's gaming. But there's a ton of bad podcasts out there, and sorting the good ones from the bad can be tiresome, especially if you use iTunes and just search for gaming - you'll get around 300 results.

I've narrowed the field down to what I consider the very best podcasts, I've stumbled upon. They are the following

GFW Radio - Weekly

This is by far the funniest podcast out there, and my absolute favourite. The shennanigans these guys pull off always makes me laugh out loud. There's a great mix of interesting opinions and insights about the PC gaming scene, with plenty of dick and fart jokes - which is the way it should be done.

PC Gamer Podcast

Another PC gamer'centric podcast and my second pick. Great humor and they have somehow managed to find a thing I didn't think existed - a girl who's really funny and can tell jokes with the best of them. This podcast comes highly recommended. 

The 1UP Show

This is a vidcast with reviews and previews of the latest games for all the current consoles. Highly entertaining and very slick and professional looking.

 1UP Yours

If you're looking for a broadside of industry news regarding gaming on the next gen consoles look no further. Gaming related news, reviews, previews all centering about the DS, PSP, XBox 360, Wii and PS3. Its really informative and they always manage to get their hands on the latest games and talk about them. The podcast can be quite long at times, a running time of 01.50 hours is not unusuall.


Another favourite of mine where the topic is always retrogaming. Usually the assembled crew discuss the different aspects of a retrogame - i.e. the different Metroid incarnations or the Super Mario games. This is highly entertaining, and I'm always amazed of the knowledge these guys possess

1upyours GFW logo_1UPShow Retronauts


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